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Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Singapore

The decision to divorce is often a difficult and gut wrenching experience. Lawyers at Gloria James-Civetta & Co, are here to work with you in making sure that you obtain the best results possible from your divorce proceedings now and in years to come.  Our experienced divorce lawyers provide honest and up-to-date advice about and throughout the divorce process. 
Common Divorce Questions
What is required to file a divorce in Singapore?
You need to prepare a copy of your marriage certificate, NRIC and birth certificates of your children (if applicable).
How long does it take to complete a divorce?
An uncontested divorce will take 4 to 5 months to complete. A contested divorce may take up to a year or more to be finalized depending on the circumstances of the case.
What is the difference between a divorce and Annulment?
In an annulment, the marriage will be declared null and void. After an annulment parties will return to being “single”, rather than being labelled as “divorcees”.
A divorce marks a legal ending to a marriage while an annulment deems that the marriage never existed.
The most common grounds for annulment include:
-          One spouse’s willful refusal to consummate a marriage
-          No valid consent to the marriage
-          Spouse married at the time of marriage
-          Spouse suffering from a communicable sexually transmitted disease at the time of marriage
-          Spouse pregnant with someone else’s child at the time of marriage
The grounds for a divorce include:
-          Unreasonable behavior
-          Adultery
-          Desertion
-          3 years separation
-          4 years separation

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