Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Can One Take Expat Divorce in Singapore

Divorces although help one to end the meaningless marriage; it is a very expensive affair in few western countries. Several couples who cannot stand to stay close to each other due to marital problems are unable to take divorce due to the expenses. If you are one of them and want to break free from your already broken marriage, expat divorce in Singapore seems to be the only solution. In Singapore, the charges for the divorce proceedings are applied in Singapore dollars hence due to the exchange rate one can benefit from the overall reduced rate.

Apart from it, this is beneficial for the foreign nationals living in Singapore. They will not have to go to their own country for having he divorce and add to the already expensive process. However, just like the citizens of Singapore, people coming over here for expat divorce will also have to fulfill certain criteria to have the divorce. Some of the major ones are, the applicants have to be married for at least three years, they should have been living in Singapore for at least 3 years legally and should have a justifiable ground for divorce.  

One thing, which every foreign national living in Singapore must keep in mind, is that once the divorce has been finalized and granted, if any of the spouse was on dependent pass on the other will have to leave the country. They were living here as the spouse, which they no longer are. They continue their stay if they are able to obtain a work permit or an employment passes. You can discuss more with your lawyer about the expat divorce in Singapore.  


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