Thursday, 26 September 2013

International Divorce Lawyer Sorting Divorces beyond Border

Divorces are always tricky, even if they mutual. One cannot simply understand the laws and regulations regarding the family laws related to being separate or for dissolving the marriage. The already complicated divorce case becomes more make difficult when you are living in a country, which is not yours. In this case, you will require an international divorce lawyer who can understand the family law of different counties to help you get through easily. An international divorce lawyer is much more affordable in comparison to the local lawyers, which come from the popular family law firms. This lawyer can understand the plight of the foreigners in one s country like Singapore. 

Singapore divorce lawyer is able to handle the cases even if they are related to the foreign nationals living in their Singapore. They can easily explain the process of divorce to the applicants hence helping them to save the total cost on the divorce procedure by doing it in Singapore only instead of their own country. Anyone can have divorce in Singapore if the couple have completed three years of marriage, have been living in Singapore for three or more years and have a strong base for the divorce application. 

In case the spouse is on dependant visa, the international divorce lawyer will help them to relocate or to obtain a work visa to stay in the country in case they do not wish to leave due to some reason after the divorce. Before leaving the country for divorce in your own nation, do consult the lawyer for suggestion.

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