Monday, 22 September 2014

How to Save On the Cost of a Divorce

In Singapore, the average cost of a divorce can range from between $1,500 for an uncontested divorce to over $12,000 for a contested divorce. These days, one needs to plan for a divorce as much as they did for their wedding. If you want to end your marriage as cost-effectively as possible, we offer some pointers below. 

The flat fee divorce provides certainty of costs.You agree on set fees for every stage of your divorce procedure.

The lawyer quotes the client a fee in advance for the case, and that fee remains fixed for the remainder of the case unless there is a turn in events. When the lawyer quotes the client a flat, fixed fee for their divorce representation, the price range for an uncontested divorce begins at only $1,500, while the base flat fee for a contested divorce can start as low as $4,000.

Flat fee pricing for divorce representation in Singapore represents good value for clients, as fee pricing ahead of time avoids confusion and misunderstanding. Your letter of engagement should provide you with a detailed, comprehensive fee agreement that clearly explains what is and what is not included.

If you have any concerns about your impending divorce case, discuss it with your potential lawyer and see if he or she offers a flat fee divorce. If your potential lawyer is not inclined to accommodate you then you will need to weigh your options and consider whether you should contact another attorney who offers flat-fee divorce.

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