Monday, 22 September 2014

The Agony of Divorce for a Woman

Divorce for a Woman
If you are struggling with this question, Should I stay till the kids get older? The decision is not an easy one and this article attempts to answer a lot of the common questions  that women have about this topic, in order to help them work through the issues and emotions. 

Knowing When to Divorce is reached when you have concluded that there is no hope left in your marriage and even then there can still be lingering doubts. Below are a few points to help clean your mind through this stressful time…

  • My husband is more like a room-mate than a husband
  • He's financially irresponsible and amassing massive credit card debts
  • Whenever we fight, he threatens to divorce me
  • I've lost my desire for him. Should I get a divorce?

Abusive Relationships– If you are married to someone with an abusive personality, it makes getting divorced all that more complicated. You hope that things will eventually change or even start questioning if it`s all your fault. Here are some points to help you identify an abusive relationship…

  • He's moody and bossy; I wish I never married him. What can I do?
  • I always get the blame for everything that's wrong in our marriage.
  • He's not going to nor willing change, why can't I let go?
  • He always criticises my decisions and I can't handle it anymore.
  • I feel hopeless and hurt beyond repair with all this abuse.

Dealing with Your Friends and Family–You will naturally seek support from your close friends and family when you're considering a divorce, but look out, you might well be shocked by their reaction. They just do not know what happens behind closed doors, this making them a dangerous source for support. A friend is there to support your judgement.


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