Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mediating to an Uncontested Divorce

When spouses have reached all their agreements (without the use of a mediator), they will need to hire a divorce lawyer to proceed to dissolve the marriage as an uncontested divorce. This is fastest way to divorce in Singapore if you have no children, little or no property, and no joint debt or when both of you agree on everything. All you need is a divorce lawyer to draw up your court paperwork.

In this instance, a divorce lawyer usually charges a fixed fee for an uncontested divorce(a set amount of money) for minimal legal services. This will include a meeting between the client and a divorce lawyer to gather the necessary information to draft a standard petition and decree that includes their agreements; a limited number of phone calls to update on the progress of the case, and a final meeting with the lawyer to go over the final draft of the decree.

When deciding whether to take a one lawyer route, it is important to keep in mind that the divorce lawyer will not render any legal advice as to what may be a fair distribution between parties as these agreements are reached without the assistance of a mediator or lawyer. Any additional advise will be chargeable at an hourly lawyer`s rates fees.

So if you and your spouse can agree to hire the services of one Singapore divorce lawyer to represent you in an uncontested divorce, affordable legal assistance is available when you do not want or cannot afford two divorce lawyers.

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