Monday, 18 August 2014

Grounds for a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore….How Will You Choose?

Good divorce lawyers

What Divorce Lawyers Do: Divorce Lawyers represent clients through the process of a divorce, deed of separation and annulment. In contested divorces, the lawyer will represent their client in the courtroom to put their case forward before a judge. Divorce lawyers also represent clients in the collaborative divorce process, whereby each spouse engages lawyers who will facilitate divorcing couples to come to an amicable resolution in dissolving their marriage. This process saves both time and money also avoiding the stress of a courtroom showdown.

Is Your Divorce Lawyer the right one for you?

What Divorce Lawyers do?

Give Advice That Helps Their ClientsGood divorce lawyers give you realistic advice in order to put you in a better position should you wish to negotiate or go before a judge in court.

Understand and know The Law.  As divorce lawyers are not only expected to know the law, they must also know how to interpret the law in a meticulous and orderly way.but also know what a Judge will do when given a certain set of facts.  You should never get a vague answer form your Singapore divorce lawyer this is a sign of incompetence.

Will advise you on realistic expectation. Good divorce lawyers are not there to pamper you with what you want to hear.They are there to give you detached advice, to be that lawyer that you need. Sadly, some lawyers lack this quality and continue in cases where the probability of a good outcome for their client is very slim

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