Monday, 18 August 2014

What Does a Divorce Lawyer in Singapore Do?

Basically, a divorce lawyer primarily represents clients who are contemplating dissolving their marriage. A lot depends on the type of case and complexity, the tasks of a divorce lawyer in Singapore may vary greatly.

A divorce lawyer may perform a variety of duties on behalf of their clients:

·         Calculate division of assets
·         calculate spousal and child support issues
·         represent their clients in court hearings
·         represent their clients in the collaborative family Practice process
·         mediate on behalf of their clients in order to settle out of court

So what does a typical day of a Divorce lawyer involve? A divorce lawyer typically spends their workday communicating with clients, drafting legal documents, consulting/communicating with other law professionals and going to Family court.

A great deal of time is spent on communicating with clients to attain information about their case for the preparation of court documents and other paperwork that the lawyer then has to draft and file. In addition, the divorce lawyer will discuss the merits of a case in going forward. Such meetings can take place in person, or over the telephone.

Divorce Lawyers are constantly drafting documents for their client`s cases, including serving of documents correspondence to clients or opposing counsel, motions related to child custody, child& spousal support and occupancy issues of the marital home. They are required to draft replies to paperwork filed by opposing lawyers.

Uncontested Divorces, Personal Protection Orders, Maintenance Orders and Annulment proceedings will require the divorce attorney to attend court.  Divorce Lawyers are required to prepare for each court appearance by spending time preparing what will be said in court before a judge.

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  1. What interesting information for divorce lawyers in Singapore. I personally didn't think that there was a difference between divorce lawyers in Singapore and those in the States. It kind of seems like that is the case with this kind of lawyer. There were a lot of parallels that I was seeing for these lawyers in Singapore. Thank you for taking the time to share.



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