Monday, 18 August 2014

Job Description for a Family Lawyer

Family law is the legal specialty that deals with such matters as divorce, judicial separation adoption, spousal/child support and custody. Family lawyers are specialized professionals who handle such matters.

Function of a Divorce Lawyer

Family lawyers will act on behalf of their clients with opposing attorneys or in formal court hearings. Family lawyers will also collaborate with fellow lawyers in a collaborative family law negotiation. When agreements are reached between parties, the lawyers will draw up the necessary documentation to make the agreement/resolution legal, they will also look over documentation by opposing lawyers.

Features of a Family Lawyer

Family lawyers will have to deal with people going through a difficult emotional situation in their lives and be careful not to become emotionally involved. Family lawyers are trained to advice on the law aspect only. When preparing for a court divorce hearing, family lawyers will often work long hours to make sure they cover every angle

Education of a Family lawyer

Family lawyers have to complete four years of law school. The first half of law school typically involves general coursework in areas like contract law and general legal interpretations, while the second half may include pro-bono work in legal clinics assisting lawyers in the area of family law.

Licensure to practice as a Family lawyer

After graduation, family lawyers must complete their 6 month long training contract with a  Family Law firm and pass the bar examination to receive a license to practice in their chosen field of law.

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