Sunday, 14 June 2015

Singapore divorce Mediation Services

New Mediation Process – the lesser known facts of it

Collaborative Family Practice (CFP) was introduced in 2013 as an alternative in handling a divorce in Singapore. This is to prevent estranged couples from engaging in acrimonious litigation in the courtroom and as such reduce hard feelings both parties may have against each other.

Under the CFP, parties employ skilled divorce lawyers who are trained in mediation to facilitate the counseling sessions and mediation.

Although counseling sessions may not necessarily help in salvaging a marriage, there are many other benefits to mediation which are often overlooked by parties.

  1. Mediation services by divorce lawyers in Singapore cost only a fraction of litigation fees.
  2. Parties can have a more direct input to the eventual outcome as the final outcome will be an agreement reached between parties, instead of a judgment reached by a judge, who may make an order that neither party is happy with.
  3. Mediation would not only minimize the costs of conflicts, but also the collateral damage to children and third parties surrounding the marriage.

For more information about CFP, kindly contact an accredited Singapore Collaborative Law practitioner.

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