Sunday, 28 June 2015

How Singapore Divorce Lawyer Blog helps take better decision

We at Singapore Divorce Lawyer Blog give people deeper information about the issues involved with matrimonial law.

With over 60+ contents of different matrimonial issues, one can get a clear understanding of the following:

·    Divorce legibility
·    Steps involved in the divorce process
·    Spousal and child maintenance
·    Checklist when seeing a Lawyer for the first time
·    Mediation in divorce
·    Collaborative Divorce information
·    Division of Matrimonial Assets
·    Contested and uncontested divorce
·    Annulment of marriage
·    Expat divorce in Singapore
·    Consent divorce
·    Cross-border international divorce
·    Deed of separation
·    Welfare principle of the child

As the divorce law in Singapore is different from other countries, so several steps are taken to resolve the complexities of the rules and regulations that go along with it. The Divorcing couples in Singapore can now access the newly launched app, which contains a brief guidance on Matrimonial Home Contribution and Child Maintenance Calculators. The “Singapore Divorce Calculator” app is user-friendly and can easily be installed from the App store or Google play stores.

Overall, the divorce is one such stressful situation that is hard to tackle. The Singapore divorce lawyer blog supports the individuals by guiding them on how the divorce process in Singapore works with less stress and confusion. Our managing partner, Ms Gloria James, has skilfully written these blogs to provide you a better understanding of the processes that goes along when you plan a divorce.

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