Thursday, 13 November 2014

How disadvantaged is an illegitimate child?

It is worthy to note that with developments in the law to protect the best interests of a child, the legitimate status of a relationship now is of less concern to the courts than it was in the past.

Can my illegitimate child inherit my estate?

Legitimacy is likely not a problem, especially when there is a will. A parent who wishes his or her illegitimate child to succeed in his or her estate must do so by provision in a valid will. It is advised that the provision identify the illegitimate child by name. Should the provision leave the property to a ‘child’, it is not clear whether an illegitimate child will inherit the estate. 

Is there a parental responsibility to take care of an illegitimate child?

Yes. By the S 68 of the Women’s Charter: Duty of Parents to Maintain Children, it is stated that parents have a duty to maintain his or her children, whether they are in his/her custody, and whether they are legitimate or illegitimate.

This maintenance includes (but is not limited to) accommodation, clothing, food and education. For better understanding of the law, please consult an experienced Family Lawyer in Singapore.

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