Monday, 1 September 2014

Options Apart From Divorce Available In Singapore

Divorce, for some it is a mere word but for others who have actually gone through it, it is a life changing term. Divorce is not only the end of the marriage but also the end of the life both of you has been living together. It is not the end of your life, but certainly has a large number of changes, major one in your life. When everything seems to be not working out well in marriage, divorce seems to be the right option. When it is not allowed in the community or when the married couple has certain responsibilities towards family, taking a divorce becomes an issue.

They cannot live together but they can also not go away from each other. When certain situation arises, there is always bickering, fighting, complaining and a lot of distrust for each other. This can make your life bitter, affecting people around you. Moreover, under these circumstances, couples may also indulge in extra marital relationships as well. If you do not wish to get involved in anything like this, or wan tot hurt each other, it is time to explore various other options of ending the marriage as per the divorce law in Singapore. Some of the options are:

Judicial separation: judicial separation is not divorce entirely but just divorce from bed and board. Under this system, the couple will be deemed married but they can live separately without having any obligations towards each other. However, the couple cannot get married after the judicial separation and will be considered to be married with each other. It is suitable for those couples who are unable to apply for divorce due to social pressure. Read more…

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