Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Divorce in the Modern World

The Facts of Divorce

Why is divorce so prevalent now days? Marriages used to be held together by many different factors in the old days; economic dependency, family pressure & expectations, social taboo; strong religious ties just to name a few. These factors have all weakened in today`s modern society. 


Marriages today seem to be based purely onthe emotion of LOVE. Unfortunately, as we all well know, emotions can be very unstable and changeable. Now days, if love is lost, there is no point tocontinuing to hold on to the marriage together. If one`s emotions are not being fulfilled, the incentive is there to move on. Moreover, with the high divorce rates of first marriages, there are many chances of achieving fulfilment in a second marriage.

Knowing exactly when to end your marriage takes great courage, it is after all, a life changing experience. 

If you...Have fallen out of love or constantly feeling helplessness and can't take it anymore….

Can you walk away from a relationship and get a divorcewith dignity?Are you able to break up amicably?

Bottom line is that you have decided that enough is enough. Only you have answers that can help you figure out whether to quit or try harder. Marriage is not a broken friendship, breaking up with a spouse is the more difficult because you have committed your life to your partner. Having said that, when a marriage isn’t working despite your best efforts, you need to accept it, grieve and then move on with your life.

There’s no question that it’s going to be difficult. “Spending an hour with a lawyer who specialises in family law can help you understand what your rights you have and what legal steps you’ll need to take.

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