Tuesday, 16 September 2014

How long will my divorce take to be completed?

Divorce can be a very painful and traumatic process for everyone involved, be it the couple, the children and other members of the family.

One way to lessen the pain would be to minimize the time spent on the procedure as much as possible. This can be done through both husband and wife opting for an uncontested divorce in Singapore.

An uncontested divorce is when both parties can come to an agreement on all outstanding issues.    Such cases can proceed quickly and will normally take less than a year for it to be fully completed. Also, both parties get to save a significant amount of legal cost compared to if they get uncontested divorce. They will only need the services of one divorce lawyer.

However, for couples that are not able to settle and opt for a contested divorce instead, the process may be harder and more costly. Some issues that couples might not be able to settle on may be issues like who will get custody of the children, the timings that the other party will get to spend time with the children, the maintenance amount, and the splitting up of assets, just to name a few. This process is not only much more costly but could take up to anything from a year to 5 years or more, depending on the parties’ willingness to comply with each other’s requests.

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