Monday, 12 January 2015

How an Experienced Divorce lawyer can Guide You

An experienced Singapore Divorce Lawyer  knows critical factors in which cases could be decided. They know if the case will go to full blown litigation or trial.
Ultimately Judges rule upon monetary figures concerning a child/spousal support calculation and the only thing that needs to be done is to apply the statutory formula in these situations.
There are also many other areas, such as determining visitation rights (parenting time) or equitable division of marital property where a judge is given a wide range of latitude to come to decisions.
Divorce Lawyers with years of experience, learn about each judge`s individual style and observe their style and approach in which a family law topic which might arise in a case.
As such, first questions an experienced Singapore Divorce lawyer will ask a prospective client who comes to them with a case already under way is "which judge is presiding in your case?"
Good Divorce lawyers have a habit of knowing a particular issue will be dealt with and situations which might arise.
“As it is impossible for a client to pick his or her judge, it is most important to make the right impression with the court at each step of your case”

Taking ridiculous positions against your lawyer`s advice or being disrespectful to the Family Court at hearing can potentially have lasting negative impacts for future of your case later down the road.

As there are no guarantees of outcome in children`s custody or divorce cases, there are some things people can do to improve their chances for a better legal outcome. One of them is making a good impression and proceeding to court with an accredited Divorce law Specialist with professionalism and a sound legal approach.


  1. One of my good friends is thinking about getting a divorce. He is no longer happy in his marriage, and he thinks that divorce will be the best option for him. I told him to hire a good divorce lawyer. That way the divorce will go as smoothly as possible.

  2. Divorce lawyers are very helpful with making a tough situation become a little more bearable. The emotional stress is still there, but there is someone there to help. I personally really like that you mentioned to make sure to be respectful at all times. That is something that can be seen as difficult when you're in that particular situation.

  3. I love how much emphasis you put on the impression you make in court during your case. I think it's cool that lawyers research study everything from divorce laws to the judges habits, like you said. I would definitely agree that the impression you make in court is crucial to your success. Divorce is a really hard process to go through. Having the right lawyer can make it easier in so many ways. Thanks for the post!



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