Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Helping Children Cope with Divorce

Divorce is painful when children are involved, but parents can help them get through the process. Parents should be reminded that their children need guidance form them now more than ever.
Children going through divorce need to be reassured, maintained hopeful and stable – all these things help ease the negative effects that a divorce can have on children of all ages.
  • Children should not be exposed to “adult concerns” faced by their parents.
  • A parent should never quiz a child about the other parent or their visits to the other parent.
  • Children should not be exposed to their parent`s conflict by hearing “bad mouthing” from either parent.
  • A child`s routine should be maintained as to not alienate them from family and their community.
  • Custodial parents should encourage children to call the other parent to inform them of news or just a chat.
Parents need to be reminded that divorce from their partner does not equate to divorcing their children as well.

“Children should be free to love both of their parents without conflict of loyalty”


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