Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Child Custody Matters Divorce Lawyer

What should I keep in mind about my affidavit?

Basically, an affidavit is evidence given before the court regarding the custody and/or access to the child applications through your divorce lawyer.

Your affidavit should mainly consist of these main points
  • ·         Why the parent should have custody, care and control of the child
  • ·         Present care arrangements for the child
  • ·         Future care arrangements for the child
  • ·         Access that the custodial parent should be willing to offer the non-custodial parent
  • ·         Access to him or her sought by the parent if custody is not granted
Try to avoid rhetorical sentences and keep your words simple and straight to the point. Avoid bombastic sentences as far as possible. Your divorce lawyer will assist you in this matter.

Exhibits in your affidavits should be paginated properly and adequately/clearly explained in the text of the affidavit. Your divorce lawyer will be responsible for this paperwork.

Do keep in mind that children should not file affidavits as it is against their interest to do so, and compromises their emotional wellbeing. If the child needs to be heard, the family court has court counselors and the judges can also arrange child interviews.

This advice does not replace or that of a qualified Singaporean Divorce Lawyer.

Please see a trained professional when dealing with your divorce.

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