Friday, 12 September 2014

Child Custody in Singapore Explained

Child Custody in Singapore
Custody refers the authority in which an adult can possess over a child. This includes, most notably, the authority to make decisions for the child and take responsibility for the care and control of the child. In Singapore, the court is in power to grant the order of custody and appoint a guardian for the child.

Custody split with care and control
The more common way to split the responsibilities is to have an order for 1) daily ‘care and control’ of the child, and another order for 2) any residual authority over the child. In such a situation, the court will usually grant an access order to the parent that no longer has the child living with him or her.  This aims to strike a compromise between both parents in issues of custody.
Sole and joint custody
The court can also appoint only one adult to possess custody over the child, or it can also order joint custody where two (or possibly more) persons jointly possess the authority to make major decisions for the child.  
Care and Control
An order of care and control determines which parent, or adult, the child will continue to live with. This is necessary when parties separate. This order does not necessarily include the authority to make bigger decisions. Hence, the parent with the order of ‘care and control’ is legally expected to co-operate with the other parent, if s/he does possess the authority.
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