Monday, 4 August 2014

Singapore divorce proceedings / important information for your Divorce Lawyer

If you intend to proceed with the divorce proceedings in Singapore, you will need to bring along a copy of the following documentation to your divorce lawyer. Your Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, NRIC Copy / Passport and your CPF Statement under the public housing scheme.
You will also need to provide the following information:
Your occupation, date of birth, address
Your highest education qualification
Your religion
Your Spouse’s occupation
Your Spouse’s highest education qualification
Your Spouse’s religion
Your spouse’s date of birth
Your current address
Your spouse’s current address
Children’s names/date of birth/school names/school hours
3.  How your marriage broke down. You need to provide the pointers.
4.  Your views on the Ancillary (financial) issues; what is your claim on the following:
a)       Maintenance of wife and children
b)       Division of matrimonial property
c)       Division of other matrimonial assets.
d)       Custody, care and control of the children.
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