Friday, 22 August 2014

Children and divorce coming to an agreement

Separating couples are better off reaching an agreement in regards to their children, and financial issues. There are many avenues and services available to assist separating couples in reaching an agreement.

Before considering filing for divorce, couples should make a genuine effort to resolve their issues by agreement. An option to consider is using the services of a certified mediator who is a neutral third party trained in bringing feuding couples to an amicable agreement. Another option is to try the Collaborative family practice approach, whereby each spouse engages their own lawyers and lawyers work together with all parties to reach an amicable agreement.

Children`s welfare

It is important for separating couples to understand the guiding principles by which a child should be brought up on… that;

Children have the right to know and be loved by both their parents and that the child have a right to spend time, and communicate, on a regular basis with both their parents

Coming to an agreement is going to cost you less, money, emotional distress and be easier on your children.

If you cannot agree on the arrangements for your children, you can apply to the Family Court to determine which parent is responsible for what.  These orders are called parenting orders.

These include:

  • Orders about parental responsibility and decision-making
  • Orders about who the child with live with
  • Orders about the child spending time with, and communicating with, the parent with whom he or she does not live
  • Child Maintenance Orders
It is most important to know, that as a parent, any decisions you make now can have significant implications for the future of your loved ones.  You should seek advice from your lawyer to ensure that all important issues are addressed, and that any agreement that is agreed to will be binding into the future.

Lawyers play a very important role in assisting parties to come to an agreement, by providing the necessary legal advice so that parents can make informed decisions, and assist them in their negotiations.

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