Monday, 18 August 2014

A Day in the Life of a Divorce lawyer

Ever wondered what the life of a Divorce Lawyer is like?

Monday…In the first hour this morning I’ve spent answering client emails. Weekends can be frustrating. Hysterical clients will often call and offload with stories of partners who are misbehaving or breaking a court ruling, not returning the children on time or bringing them back home physically harmed. The saddest part is when a client has been denied access to their child.

09:30 am - client appointment – we need to complete some detailed financial information for preparation of his case which is due to go to a full contested ancillary hearing next month. I went through the ancillary court hearing with the client and my junior lawyer and reassured him about how the process work sand what is likely to happen during the hearing.

11:30 am -Back catching up on some emails. I am meeting a new gentleman expat client at 4 pm for an initial consultation about his circumstances and need to check up on divorce laws in Australia – this will be a complementary assessment/consultation. I like to offer a free consultation on divorce matters so that clients can have time to understand their options.

01:30 pm -After lunch I have a new divorce inquiry. My junior divorce lawyer will be sitting in as I want him to gain some experience in how to conduct a new divorce inquiry as this particular inquiry involves annulment of marriage in Singapore.

02:30 pm - Meeting up with an existing client and his wife who for whom we are doing a separation deed. I also need to deal with an overseas lawyer via Skype who is representing my client in England for a divorce matter.

04:30 pm - I’ve finally got a slot to focus on more detailed research work before meeting with the expat divorce inquiry.

06:00 pm–Final meeting after a long day. Meeting all lawyers in the boardroom for an informal ‘coffee and chat’, we will be discussing our file status updatesand the next day`s divorce inquiries.

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