Friday, 6 December 2013

Know How to Choose Affordable Divorce Lawyer In Singapore

The most important decision in your divorce is choosing the right Singapore Divorce lawyer. An ideal family lawyer will let you participate in discussions about your case and guide you through the proceedings. 

There are many who offer cheap Legal Services but beware, choose with caution. You only receive what you pay for. You can’t expect more than you bargain for with an inexperienced lawyer. Remember that by doing your research and making inquiries, an experienced divorce lawyer can also be an Affordable Divorce Lawyer.

Keep in mind that with  experience comes a wealth of knowledge. 

 So, how do I choose? 

·      Do an internet profile search on the Lawyer.  

·      Call the firm to set up a 30 minute (FOC) consultation & assess the lawyer.  

·      Establish how many years practicing experience the Lawyer has in Family Law.

·   Understand charges involved at every stage of proceedings (Is it per hourly basis or a package option?)  

·     Communication  and trust with your prospective Lawyer is most important. Have an understanding of the different stages of the Divorce process. Make sure all your options are explored. A good Lawyer will go through this process before you engage them.  

·       And go with your gut feeling.

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