Thursday, 7 November 2013

Follow the Divorce Process in Singapore to Avoid Hassles

While applying for the divorce, we all may think that it will be very easy and smooth, but the reality is contrastingly different. Every year a large number of married couples file for divorce in Singapore. Some of them are worried about their personal life being harmed in marital relation and others are hurt due to adultery. The reason of divorce may vary but the divorce process in Singapore is always the same, unless until it is a special case the court is dealing with. 

Before applying for the divorce or legal separation, it is advised to consult the divorce lawyer to know about the ifs and buts of the divorce. Some of the couples are confused between different types of separation like divorce, legal separation or the dissolving of marriage. Every type of separation is to deal with different circumstances. As the divorce is for the couples, who do not wish to stay married to each other while the judicial separation is for the couples who do not wish to live but do not want divorce. 

You must consult the lawyer about different options available with you. Apart from this before applying for the divorce, try to understand the entire divorce process in Singapore. It is especially important for the couples who are not citizens of Singapore but wish to apply for the process over here. The process involves collection of documents, application with valid reason of separation, and the eligibility proof along with rest of the evidences to prove the case. Take help from the divorce lawyer to get everything finalized in no time.

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