Monday, 12 August 2013

Can You Take Restraining Order Along With Deed of Separation

There are times when the divorce or separation process can become troubling. Some of the spouse who do not want to let go of their marriage or are just too stubborn to allow freedom to their spouse try to avoid such situation. They can pose threat to the life of the applicant, once they are made aware of the divorce or are subjected to agree to it. Government has taken steps to protect these poor people from their violent marital life. Whoever is suffering from this kind of marriage can apply for the restraining order along with the deed of separation in Singapore.
Restraining order is the legal order, which prevents a person to come in contact or even in the given radius where the victim is present. He cannot contact, meet, or try to anything against the applicant of the restraining order. These legal implications are used against those spouse who are either violent, involved in any crime or are capable to go to any extent to avoid divorce. In some cultures, if woman asks for divorce, it is considered a humiliation for the man, which he tries to avoid at any cost. However, the law of Singapore forbids such extensive measures.

In case you are suffering such thing then try to contact an experienced divorce lawyer. He or she will first apply for the separation on your behalf and will help you to deal with the abusive spouse. If needed the lawyer will also apply for the restraining order against him or her.

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