Thursday, 11 July 2013

Conditions Required To Fulfill Judicial Separation in Singapore

When it becomes difficult for someone to live with their spouse under the same roof, divorce seems to be the only option. However under some conditions they are unable to have divorce, for these people judicial separation is the only option. Judicial separation is divorce from bed and board, which means the couple won’t have to live with each other or have a relationship with other like a married couple. It is useful when the religious compulsions or societal norms are not allowing the couple to take divorce. Apart from it responsibility of the children also affects their decision of having the divorce.

In the similar fashion of divorce judicial separation in Singapore also require the couple to fulfill certain conditions, in lack of which the separation will not be granted. The couple should be legally married for 3 years at least as per the Singapore law; otherwise they will not qualify for the separation. However in case of serious events the court of Singapore may consider your case for early divorce.

The spouse should have done something which is making it unbearable to live with him like illegal activities and adultery. Even the domestic violence can be the reason for judicial separation. The foreign citizens will also have to fulfill these conditions before filing for the divorce. Before filing or the judicial separation consult an experienced lawyer for the same. The lawyer will help you to decide whether you should go for divorce or separation and on what basis you should file for the separation. For More Information Visit:

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